Anamary is a Lordkonik
Anamary is a 13 year old Lordkonik and a Lord of Thunder. Everyone tough that Anamary is a Sonic fanon character but that's not true. She can get sword and turning into her very strong form. She loves to meet new friends and make her own characters. Anamary is a BFF of Surprise,a Cybernik.


Anamary was a Pikonik in the past, and she had bat wings and her Thunder sword and she fights like Link. She met Surprise when she was new in Thunderrelia. Her sword's opposite is Malice. Anamary was 12 and a half when she was a Pikonik. In the morining, she woke up,but when she saw at he mirror, she screamed, because she was looking like a Lordkonik, her parents was so scared and they can't do anything. When Anamary saw that her sword is disappeared, she realised that she's a sword. She was so sad, because everyone will make fun of her and hate her, but it wasn't. Everyone likes Anamary so much, now, and Surprise too, of course.


Personalities: brave, funny, awsome, lovely, kind, friendly.

Age: 13 years.

Specie: Lordkonik.

Lord of: Thunder.

Name: Anamary Pikara Liliathy.

Mixture: Blaze+ Pikachu+ Ghirahim.

Likes: her friends, cute Toons (ex. Toon Link), Surprise (the most).

Dislikes: her enemies, villains, the evil.

Friends: Surprise, Toons.

Enemies: Malice, Valline (past named,Anti Ana).

Powers: getting sword, shooting electricity/daggers, teleporting (more coming soon).