Meet Dust, your average fox. He currently works at an animatronic restaurant, taking the nightshift from 12 to 6 in the morning.

Here is the backstory! Uhm... well, a summarized... backstory. We can't make it too long. So, yeah. That's all. I hope you enjoy what you are about to read! ...Hopefully.

Backstory (1996-2003)Edit

Dust lived on the streets up until age 6, where he was... for some reason, joined up with a gang of foxes that would eventually be his proud friends. Uh, they were pretty much older than him. But, they are now adventurers that explore many locations, hang out many times, and contact each other when something has gone down.

But one night, something crazy happened. Dust woke up to the beeping and ticking of a time bomb. They had escaped the location, and the gang had survived the impact from the explosion, but 10 innocent civillians were killed that night.

The gang found a pizzeria which they would go to every once in a while. But one day, in 2002, everybody was lured into a room by a person dressed as one of the animatronic mascots of the pizzeria. The imposter took off the suit, and started to swing his knife at the gang. They had luckily escaped, but the next day, there was a newspaper clipping of five children who went missing. The pizzeria closed by the end of 2003. The pizzeria then reopened at around 2014.

One day, during the year 2003, Dust had choked and sput out a dark, spiritual ball. It formed into what would soon be Dust's friend, Rust. They had fought as rivals. But one day during 2003, they had become friends. ...Then, Rust was the one who sput out a darker, spiritual ball. It formed into Dustmatter(formally named Dark Rust) and had attacked Dust and Rust. To this day, they stand as rivals.

Dust's Future (2004-2015)Edit

Dust and the gang had now become proud friends, including Rust, as they continue to adventure, and have fun. In 2004, Dust had designed a method which could lead to the future of helping.

He had designed a quick-trip method which could send people moving at speeds up to 50-70 mph. They are known as homing/quick-trip shoes. They went on store shelves in 2005, and quickly became the well-known product, up until 2007, where Dustmatter lied and reported an incident saying that his "daughter"(he had no relatives) had died because she was dismembered once the shoes malfunctioned and sent her to speeds of 200-300 mph. Dust claimed that he looked over every detail of the shoes before showing the product. Dustmatter then showed a photoshopped picture of a dismembered girl.

 The product was taken down on July 7th of 2007.

In 2008, Dust managed to disprove the incident by taking a look at the product, and showing that everything(wires, circuits, etc.) were never loose or tampered with. He even looked at the copy that Dustmatter purchased!

Dustmatter was sentenced to prison for 5 months due to lying. He went to court and said to the camera that recorded the case, "I will win one day, Dusty boy." The case closed with his maniacal laughter.

In 2009, the product went back on shelves, but Dust then took it down after newspaper clippings said that people had altered the product in cruel ways. Someone even turned it into a gun!

 After it went back on shelves in August 18th, 2009, it was taken back down on September 11th, 2010.

During 2013, Dust had adopted a cat that he had called Cream. He used his savings to adopt her. Then, one horrific day, Cream had gone missing. Dust had searched for her since morning! Then, when he was just about to give up and cry a pool, he heard banging in a cabinet in a room, while blood emitted from the frame. He opened the cabinet and found Cream in there. He recalled her having to sleep for a few days because she had dangerously injured her leg. He helped her by serving food and drinks. Heck, he even called the doctor!

He rushed her to the vet. The surgery to fix her broken leg would cost Dust a bopping $2,000. He payed the cash, and waited for a few days.

 Cream was now better! And Dust was relieved.

In 2014, he had heard that the pizzeria he used to go to has had its grand reopening. He decided that he would apply for a job there. He earned the night shift.

Apparently, he befriended the animatronics and had played games with them every nightshift.

During August 8th, 2014, Dust has taken the job at the pizzeria.

Before 2015, Dust was at an amusement park with a countdown to 12:00 AM which would celebrate the new year of 2015. By the time he left, 12:00 AM struck and he celebrated. But it was very cold that night, so by the time he returned, his teeth were literally chattering.

When he had woken up at around 9:00-10:00 AM, he had awoken to a huge migraine, and he had to get some rest before he could eat breakfast. He realized he was sick and had to rest for a while before he was in good condition. His best recovery was during 1/2/15, but he was still somewhat sick.

Dust remained sick for a while, but eventually recovered back into his healthy state.

Other Information Edit

Full Name: Dust Darkie Prower the Fox

Age: 18

Likes: Meat foods, such as Fish or Porkchops, fruits, like Pineapples and Watermelon, and anything that is good, really.

Dislikes: Enemies, veggies(Hey, I never said I was a vegetarian!), and really, just anything that isn't good.

Friends: Any good guys, really! Just be a good guy and you will have already befriended Dust!

Enemies: Dustmatter, and anything or anybody evil.

Current Relationship: None

That's all, Folks!Edit

I hope you liked the recreation of Dust's backstory. That'll be all! Here's a picture of Dust himself, it is one of the thumbnails from my recent YouTube gameplay, "Dust Attempts 4/20 Mode".