is the Demon Lord from Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword who boasts a lot. He used to be evil but changed to nice because of his little sister Kamira. He has the ability to make diamonds and daggers and sword. He is a sword which is the opposite of the Master Sword.

He has a pet cat called Diamond who likes him and fights Sword, Link's cat. Ghirahim also has a cat form.

Profile Edit

Powers: A lot related to diamonds, making daggers and swords

Personality: Boastful, rude, annoying, nice, overprotective, determined, crazy

Family: Giuloreen (twin sister), Kamira (little sister), Redahim (cousin), Serrohim (cousin), Magica (cousin)

Likes: Mirrors, boasting about himself, singing about himself (even it sounds bad), pranking Link, making Link look ugly, Kamira

Dislikes: Black angry birds ruining his hair, Evimira coming to destroy him, Evis hurting Kamira

Friends: His relatives, Anamary, Kris (BFF), Dupstario (BFF), Diamond (cat)

Enemies: Evimira, Evis, Link (sometimes)

Ghirahim belongs to Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Nintendo