Surprise is a Cybernik
Surprise The Cybernik is a 13 year old Cybernik. She's a half-Pikonik and half-Robot, so it makes her a cyborg Pikonik called a Cyberkonik, or Cybernik for short. She only fights with her robotic parts, her Pikonik parts don't do much. She has some friends, but her true BFF of the whole world is Anamary .

History Edit

She used to be a Pikonik a mix of Pit and Jigglypuff from SSBB, and she used to have wings. She met Ana and her OCs like Toons, ponies and lords.

Profile Edit

Personality: Obedient, loyal, friendly, hardworking, uncreative

Age: 13 years 11

Likes: Her friends, roleplaying, drawing pictures, music, Anamary making pictures, Anamary (The most), her childhood video games, Klonoa games

Dislikes: Fruit and vegetables, missing the fun things

Friends: Anamary (BFF), Liam X (crush), Sketch Heart, Niko, GoldSpark, some of Ana's OCs

Enemies: Whoever is her friend's enemies